Intermittent Fasting and Viruses

Intermittent Fasting and Viruses

Intermittent Fasting  and viruses are an intertwined subject.

Being on the Keto diet can help most if not almost all the major risk factors with the Coronal virus.

First, being overweight.

One of the big problems people have is their bodies are already overloaded. If you are really overweight, your heart is working overtime just for normal daily activities.

Your liver, pancreas, and other organs are working around the clock to keep the body functioning.

They are flesh and blood. They need a break.  Like Intermittent fasting (I.F.).

Intermittent fasting and viruses have a well known relationship.


I.F. Is Like Magic for Health


I.F. Helps lower blood sugar.  High blood sugar is one of the first things the doctors noticed in people who did not do well with Corona virus.

The next thing was heart problems. That’s a whole subject by itself, but Intermittent fasting almost always helps with that also.

The third big area of concern is people who have lung problems. I’m not a doctor but I am pretty familiar with a particular area of nutrition.  That area of nutrition is grains.

Many people with asthma are actually gluten intolerant. Gluten from grains causes all kinds of health problems including Migraines.


If you are on keto, you are off ALL grains. Your chances of having lung problems go down by a lot.


Your Body Can Do a Lot of Healing On Its Own


Back to fasting. It’s all about giving your body a chance to do what it does best. Heal itself. But if it is busy processing food every minute of every day, it will be run down and easy pickings for a virus looking for a victim.

One more really big point.

When you fast, the body's ability to make hunter killer cells increases. Hunter killer cells go around your body finding and destroying viruses!  We want more of these cells, and fasting provides it.

There’s another type of cell that helps your body remember a virus that you’ve already had so you don’t get it again. Yes, that type of memory cell also increases with I.F.

Intermittent fasting and viruses are intertwined.  If there is a virus going around, you should be doing your I.M.  Even if it’s overnight, try to make it as long as possible.

Maybe from 7 pm until lunch the next day. A cup of coffee will hold you over in the morning.


Whatever You Can Manage


But whatever you can do is fine. One step at a time. Intermittent fasting and viruses go together in a good way for you, bad for the virus.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day



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