Keto Salads at Fast Food

Keto Salads at  Fast Food Places

You probably already know this, but salads  aren’t Keto automatically.  For all your life, you have seen people eating only salad when they were on a diet. And all your life you saw them be unhappy, and rarely or never actually lose weight.

That’s because salads are mostly carbs. Yes, I know, vegetables are “good”, so more is better.

But that’s not how it works in Keto. A bowl full of veggies, with a sweetened sauce, is actually not going to help you lose weight very much, as you probably already know.

Knowing what we know now, a bowl of fat is actually way better for weight loss!  Who would have thought that a few years ago?

The amount of carbs from many salad toppings like dressings, sweet marinades, fresh or dried fruit, and other knick knacks can add up to trouble fast.

Veggies are Carbs

The veggies themselves are all carb, and in the keto system, a carb is a carb. No matter how ‘healthy’ it is otherwise.

Having a meal based around protein is so much easier on your carb count for the day. But sometimes you might just feel like a salad. If so, here you go.

Several Keto salads at fast food places that keep you in your zone.

Where You Can Eat

Chipotle:   Salad Bowl with steak, romaine, cheese, sour cream and salsa: 7 grams of carbs, 405 calories, 23 grams of fat, 30 grams of protein.

Moe’s Taco Salad with adobo chicken, fresh jalapenos, cheddar cheese and guacamole: 9 grams of carbs, 325 calories, 23 grams of fat, 28 grams of protein.

McDonald’s Bacon Ranch Grilled Chicken Salad with guacamole: 10 grams of carbs, 380 calories, 19 grams of fat, 42 grams of protein.

Arby’s Roast Turkey Farmhouse Salad with buttermilk ranch dressing: 10 grams of carbs, 440 calories, 35 grams  fat, 22 grams  protein.

Check Labels or Ask

It’s a good idea to check the labels on the dressings. They may have changed since this episode came out.

You can just ask someone, but they usually don’t know and that starts a sometimes comical series of events trying to get the info.

Oil and vinegar is a good go to. High fat ranch is good, as long as there are no added sugars. Always check. Watch out for candied nuts, etc.

Keto salads at fast food restaurants are luckily pretty common now. These restaurants are aware of diabetics and their needs. You can often ask what they have for diabetics, or if they have low carb on the menu.

Happy Keto hunting out there.

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