Keto, Fasting, and Corona Virus

What do these three things have in common?

According to all current literature, if you are on the Keto diet, you are far less likely to suffer major problems from the virus.

Why? Because high blood sugar is one of the main factors in people who die from the virus.

Also, if your blood chemistry is good when you get a sickness, you are much more likely to get through without much problem.

Sickness throws off the balance of the body’s mechanisms. If your body chemistry is already out of balance, a sickness only has to throw you a little way to get really sick.

If your blood chemistry is strong and solid, right in the middle, the sickness has to really take you a long way from where you are.

Talk to Anyone on Keto

Talk to anyone who has been on the Keto diet for a while. They will tell you about their glowing blood test results. The doctors are amazed at how fast people get balanced when they start giving their bodies proper food.

What all this about fasting?

What does that have to do with Keto and viruses?

Intermittent fasting does many wonderful things.

It helps you lose weight, number one.

But the best thing it does is let the body rest, and balance itself.

You couldn't handle what your body does

If you had to do physical, hard labor 7 days a week, sixteen hours a day, for years and years, you would probably get tired.

Not only tired, but your joints might start breaking down.


That’s what we ask of our digestive system. Then we expect it not to complain or get worn out.

It does get worn out. Overused glands, like the pancreas, get worn out.


Fasting lets the internal organs of the body rest, just like you do. They need that time to recuperate.

As always, there’s more to the story. There is now a lot of research on the subject of short term, or intermittent fasting. It all shows good things.

The body's ability to make hunter killer cells that find and destroy the viruses increases with fasting.  There’s also another kind of cell that helps to remember a virus once you have had it.

When you say, “I already had that flu, I can’t get it again. I have immunity.”  That is because the cells that have the job of remembering the disease are functioning.  Fasting increases the number and strength of those “memory” cells.

If Keto, fasting, and corona virus do all meet inside our bodies, the virus LOSES.

So keto on, and please add in some I.F. if you want to be healthy on all fronts.

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