Can I Cheat On Keto

Can I Cheat On Keto

Let’s say you are going to a job interview.

When you meet the person who is interviewing you, the first thing you ask is “How many vacation days do I get?”

The interviewer is trained to mark you off the list right then and there. Because you aren’t showing you are there to work, you are showing that you are waiting to leave.

Keto is kind of like that. If you don’t go in ready for the work, with a mind set of ‘make it or bust’, you probably won’t make it.

And exactly whom are you asking if you can cheat?  You are asking yourself. No one can stop you from cheating but you.


Cheating Just Doesn’t Work


We don’t recommend cheating at all, period.  It just doesn’t work for 99% of people.

‘Hey, there’s a 1% chance it could work!’ you say. Yes and you could win the lottery too, someone does.  But is that really a good plan.

Getting your body into ketosis takes an effort. Staying in ketosis is a sort of delicate balance.

So when you ask “Can I cheat on keto?”, you are asking, “Should I throw away all my effort and work to get here for a momentary fling?”

Most people try having cheat day. Like maybe Sunday. Then think the body will spring back into ketosis.


Think Of It Like This


Think of it like this.   Can you have a cheat minute every day?  Where for only 1 minute each day, you can eat anything?  Or a cheat hour?   It sounds ridiculous.

So why would a cheat day be any different?

If you eat foods that knock you out of ketosis, you stop burning fat. Right then and there, really fast.

Besides the plain logic of it, there is a medical reason.

It’s called metabolic inflexibility.  As you age, your metabolism is less and less able to switch back and forth between fat burning and carb burning.

If you are switching all the time, your body will definitely give up trying. Then you will be in a mess.


Don’t Want To Live Keto For The Rest Of Your Life?


That’s fine. No problem. Go on Keto and lose what you want to lose. Then go off the diet, and gradually is the best way.

If the weight, or health problem, comes back, then go back on keto.

Either be on Keto or off Keto. It’s not really a thing you switch on and off daily or weekly.

For example, if you try to do half keto by eating carbs AND a lot of fat, you can get a fatty liver health problem. It’s worse than eating a regular diet.

So if you are asking ‘Can I cheat on keto’, we strongly recommend NO. It’s not healthy, and it doesn’t work.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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