Strict Keto Vs Cheat Keto

You may have heard the terms “Strict Keto” and “Cheat Keto” or “Relaxed Keto” or some version of those terms.  What do they mean?

Strict Keto:  It means you stick to the daily macro counts, no matter what. You keep those carbs around 20 come what may.

Loose Keto, or Cheat Keto:  You mostly do the Keto diet, but don’t worry too much about taking a day or two off each week.  Or, you might not even care if you go over your carbs a little bit.

Problems with cheating

There are several problems with the loose, or cheat approach.

The “Exact Balance” effect:  To get the body into ketosis, you have to eat in a specific way.

For each person, that is slightly different. You find out what yours is by trial and error.

Once you find out what balance of macros works for you, you know that sticking to it works. You also know that if you change any part of your macros, it won’t work.

That’s a big clue right there. If it was hard to find your sweet spot to start losing weight, why would you think you could change it and still lose weight?

Age is Next.

Next factor is age.  As we get older, we are less flexible. Our bodies are less flexible, and our metabolism is less flexible.

It becomes harder and harder to switch our bodies in and out of ketosis. You need to think of ketosis like a goal that you have achieved, and that it needs to be protected.

It’s called metabolic inflexibility.  If you keep flipping in and out of ketosis, eventually your body will give up. It will reach a point where it drops out of ketosis (fat burning), and won’t go back.

If you stay in ketosis, your body will become very comfortable. You will start to have really good visits to your doctor. You doctor will be amazed at your blood work numbers.

Blood sugar will drop to healthy levels. Heart health will improve. Joint pains will start to fade.

But, if you want to throw all that away for a momentary thrill on the tongue, what can I say?

We all have our crosses to bear.

Strict Keto is the only way that really works long term for everybody. For most people, strict Keto is the only thing that works period.

It’s too easy to go overboard if you think “Oh, I’ll just have a little bit of carbs over my limit”. That thinking leads to back sliding or failure. Then you blame the diet. Then you give up.

So when you do Keto, do Keto. Don’t mix and match. If you work the diet plan, the diet plan will work for you.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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