Count Calories on Keto

Count Calories on Keto?

Should you count calories on Keto?   This is actually an area of conflict. It’s not settled, and it may not ever be settled.

Why? Because there’s no simple answer.

First, let’s take away the ridiculous part of the argument. Yes, it matters if you eat 7 million calories a day. Yes, it matters if you eat 1 calorie per day.

Let’s keep the discussion in the everyday world.

Does it matter if you eat 1900 calories a day instead of 2500, or 3500.


Just by logic, there is definitely a limit.


But, calories are a different way to keep score than what we mostly want.

In many cases, when you are doing keto correctly, you can just eat until you feel full. That works for many many people. It is our ideal. Using fat to make our body feel full.

For some it doesn’t work, because of genetics, hormones, or whatever reason.

You are not like anyone else. You must go by what your body and mind need.

Some people start losing weight immediately upon starting the diet. Some have more trouble.

If you are trying to get into ketosis and can’t seem to, then you have to change up something.  Maybe it’s lowering calories. You might be one of the people that must count calories on keto.


Calories are not the first thing we look at. They are far down the list.


First is the macro balance. Having balanced macros usually takes care of the calorie situation.

Let’s say you start with 25 grams of carbs per day. Then, Protein – About 25% of calories per day, and Fats (healthy fats) – 70% to 80% of calories per day.

Instead of thinking about less calories, maybe try lowering your carbs below 20 grams per day. That usually creates a very successful outcome for people.

Always make sure your fats are higher percentage of calories than protein. This is a trap many slide into. You think the protein is good for you, so you don’t watch it as closely as you should.


Balance Balance Balance


The main thing to look at is the Macro balance. Then you can look at calories further down your list.

Being told to count calories on keto is not fair to you. That’s not where we start.

But, you have to be reasonable also. You can’t live on high caloried keto desserts and expect to lose weight. Balanced eating and balanced living are what create keto success.

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