Do Powdered Ketones Work?

Do Powdered Ketones Work?

The keto diet is a huge deal these days. Why?

It works. That makes it the holy grail for dieters.

However, it only works when you stick to it.

Show me something worth having, and I’ll show you people looking for a shortcut on how to get it.

It’s human nature. It’s what we do.

Keto works by getting the body to make ‘Ketones’. Ketones tell the body to go find some fat, dissolve it , and turn it into energy for the body to use.

Having enough ketones in the blood gets the body into ‘Ketosis’.  In ketosis, we are burning fat for energy, instead of sugar.

To get into ketosis, you have to be on the keto diet for some time. How long?

Long enough so the body burns up all the remaining carbs/sugars in the system. When they are all gone, the body will start producing ketones.

When there are a lot of ketones in the blood, the body knows it’s time to burn up fat!


Do Powdered Ketones Work?


Along comes somebody who wants to take a short cut.  Why not just flood the body with ketones, then it will think it is in ketosis, and start burning fat.

Brilliant!  Except for that little part where IT DOESN’T WORK!.

It’s still a brilliant idea….for getting your wallet to lose weight.

Here’s the problem. The body is super efficient. It takes the shortest route to getting energy.

When there is sugar floating around in the blood, your body knows it’s there. Your body knows that sugar is the easiest thing to convert to energy. So it ignores those expensive ketones you are putting into your body, and keeps on using sugar…..AND storing sugar as FAT.

If Only It Was That Easy


Sorry guys. Do powdered ketones work? Only to empty your bank account.

To lose weight by being in ketosis, you have to remove all sources of sugars and let the body go into ketosis all by itself.

Once it does, then the weight starts to disappear.

The only ‘shortcut’ really, is to use a system that keeps you from making mistakes and back sliding.

We have a system that guides you from A to Z through what to eat, recipes to make your meals, and even a shopping list. The less you have to figure out stuff, the easier it will be to just do the diet.


You can see our system at


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