Keto Macro Balance

Keto Macro Balance – How Much Does it Matter


The keto macro balance is super important. There’s no beating around the bush.

However, it’s not quite what it sounds like.

The amounts you eat of the macros can be finagled…except for carbs.

I’ll explain.

We have found the general ratio for keto is Carbs should be 20 grams per day if you are in weight losing mode. Protein should then be about 25% of calories, and fats 70 – 80% of calories.

You have to know everything going into your body. For example, if you have a drink with collagen, it adds to your protein and can put you over the limit for the day if you don’t account for it.




Protein is super important in the keto macro balance. It  keeps your tissues and muscles in good shape. Fat is not so important for anything but fuel.

Fat also helps you feel full and satisfied.  You aren’t required to to eat the full amount of fat everyday.

If you don’t feel hungry, you can eat less fat. After all, we are trying to get our body to burn the fat inside of us already.


Fat Is a Tool


So fat becomes your tool to keep you happy and on the diet. But it’s not super necessary. Protein is necessary.

Carbs are to get certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals into the body. They are the most critical piece of the keto macro balance.  You can go under your carb count, but definitely don’t go over.

Carbs are the thing that most easily will knock you out of ketosis.

Having said all that, too much of any of them can knock you out of ketosis, or cause you to gain weight while you are IN ketosis.  Too much fat can do that.

Ratios Are There For A Reason


So the ratios are there for a reason.  Occasionally going over fat or protein amounts shouldn’t be a big deal.

But going over on carbs can set you way back.


The keto macro balance is kind of delicate, but you can mess around a little bit with protein and fat. But don’t ever go over on carbs. That can end the party fast.

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