1. Know your veggies carb content.

This is part of “Knowing your macros”. Macros are carbs, protein, and fats. On keto, you need to get the right proportions of each or your body won’t get into ketosis. Ketosis is when your body starts burning up fat for energy instead of sugar. That’s when the fat starts melting from your body like magic. Because it really is melting away and being burned.

We have always been taught that veggies are wonderful, in any amount, the more the better. Keto is a different world. You have to be restrictive on the amount of carbs, and that includes even vegetables.

Avocados are high fat and low carb, which is why they are a go to. Dark, leafy greens are pretty good generally. But simply look up the carb counts for them, then you’ll know how much you can eat. It will feel strange at first, having to be careful of proportions of veggies, but it is super important.

If you are ever stuck, re check your balance of macros (carbs-fats-protiens)

  1. Listen to your body

When you start a lifestyle change like Keto, you need to mix the information you are getting from outside with the signals from you own body.

If you don’t feel well when doing the diet, don’t just blindly keep going. Change things up.  Change your macro counts. Or change what foods you are eating.

You may have a low level reaction to some foods that you don’t realize. Cheese if often in this category. You feel ok when you eat it, but then later you just don’t have much energy. Or you feel heavy in your stomach or all over. Try leaving things out one at a time to see what happens.  Keep experimenting to see what feels right.

If you have Keto flu, drink lots of water and electrolytes.

  1. Check with your Doctor

If you are pregnant, have diabetes or any other serious health problems, check in with your doctor first. But don’t let it scare you away. Many people have started this diet for health reasons alone and gotten spectacular results. Blood sugar levels have been brought into control just from the diet, even to the point of people getting completely off their medication.  But not until your doctor says it’s OK.

The Keto diet is not really that strange. In many parts of the world, the local diets are much like Keto. The Eskimos basically ate blubber all day everyday and had an extremely low heart disease rate.

Just listen to yourself and be proactive when you feel you need to change something.

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Have a Healthy, Happy Day




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