Intermittent fasting is a well known way to jump start your body metabolism. I highly recommend it  when possible. De

If you are a beginner to intermittent fasting, skipping breakfast in the morning is a great way to start. It’s super simple, doesn’t take much thought, and will actually save you money.

But some people reach a plateau, or stall, even with fasting. That’s because the body reaches a point where it is in balance. Your body says “I’m good, I’m healthy, let’s stay right here.”

That’s great unless you are not down to the weight you want to be. You need a way to nudge the body. To tell your body it’s OK to lose a few more pounds.

Fat Fasting is for people who are already in ketosis. This is for people who have lost weight and inches, but have run into the inevitable stall.  The stall is inevitable because you can’t keep losing weight until you dry up and blow away. Eventually your body reaches a point where it feels like it has reached a new balance.

Then it may want to pause on the new level so all the systems in the body can adjust.  It’s not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. But if the stall goes on for too long, then you need a way to get your body back to losing pounds and inches.

One of the common ways to jump start the body is fat fasting.

This diet trick should only be used for a short period. No more than three to five days at a time. 

This is where you consume 80% to 90% of your calories from fat, while decreasing proteins and carbs even more than usual.

If that sounds weird to you, then remember that Eskimos used to live on blubber. So yes, it’s possible for short periods.

It works by making sure there is literally nothing else than fat in the body to burn for energy.

Fat fasting is not for beginners. It is only for those who have been in Ketosis for a while and have reached a plateau. And only after you have tried other intermittent fasting techniques.

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