When doing the keto diet, it is all important to get your macronutrient balance right. The amount of carbs, protein, and fats have to be in a certain proportion to each other.

The first thing people notice when doing keto, is that all carbs are counted equal. It’s kind of shocking when you first discover that for carb consumption, your spinach is treated the same as bread, which is treated the same as sugar!

For keeping yourself in Keto, carbs are carbs are carbs. Your mind rebels at this notion. How can those super healthy veggies be the same as sugar.

So follow me here….If you want to stay in Keto, you have to treat all carbs the same. But they are definitely NOT the same when it comes to your overall health.

The keto diet is done for many reasons. Some want to lose weight. Some want to change their body fat ratio, to have more muscle compared to fat, even if they weigh the same. Some need to let their pancreas start to function properly again, to get out of insulin resistance – type 2 diabetes. Yes, the keto diet can help with that in a big way. (As always, check with your doctor for your specific case).

You know, with your own common sense,  that a spoon of sugar is not the same as a big bowl of spinach. So does your body. The spinach has an incredible array of minerals and vitamins, plus chlorophyll, as well as fiber. Sugar has….sugar.  Spinach will help your body rebuild and cleanse. It will help your skin be beautiful.

Sugar will give you fat, insulin resistance, and diabetes.

So when you figure out your daily meals remember this. Carbs are not created equal. All carbs must be counted equally when figuring your macros for keto. But if you want your body to be happy and healthy, make sure the carbs you do eat are of the highest quality. Ditch the sugar and refined carbs so you can ditch  the health problems.

Bring on the green vegetables and bring on the health.

One final note about Kale. Kale gets a lot of press. But approximately half the population has a gene called the MTHFR gene. If you have this gene, you can’t process the form of B vitamins in Kale. If you eat Kale you won’t feel good.  I personally have this gene, and Kale makes me feel terrible.

I would see people raving about Kale, but when I ate it  I felt  like crap!  I thought there was something wrong with me. So if this sounds like you,  don’t feel strange, there is a reason if you don’t like what Kale does in your body. Spinach and Swiss Chard are much better alternatives, and they taste better anyway.

There are a ton of tips, tricks, and recipes to help you with your Keto journey at my free website. Please come check it out. RockThatKeto.com.

Act, don’t React.

Have a Healthy Happy Day!




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