Keto Diet Doesn't Work for Me

Keto Diet Doesn't Work for Me


If you are thinking “The keto diet doesn’t work for me”, then you aren’t alone.

There are a bunch of reasons it might not be working, but usually they are simple adjustments.

Are you really counting your macros?  Are you watching your carb intake, or just ‘guesstimating’?

These are common problems and they are the reason we put together a comprehensive plan that takes ALL the guesswork out of it.   You can find the plan at


Back to the problem at hand.


If you are absolutely sure you have got the macro nutrients right, then you can look at other things.

The biggest, most common problem is too much STRESS.   Why do I say too much?  Because there is no such thing as no stress. It stresses your muscles to move, which is good. It keeps them healthy.

It stresses you bones to be upright. That stress is absolutely necessary to tell the bones not to lose calcium and develop osteoporosis.

Stress is absolutely necessary and part of life. But, too much and the wrong kind of stress becomes unhealthy.


Mental Stress


Mental stress can create too much of the hormone cortisol in the blood. Cortisol is a fight or flight hormone. It makes your body call out adrenaline, which helps to shut down digestion and reproduction.

In fact, just thinking the the keto diet doesn’t work for me could send you into stress.

If you are Estrogen dominant, meaning you tend to have too much Estrogen, it will depress progesterone in the blood. Then your body will produce insulin all the time.

Insulin is a fat storing hormone. It turns sugar into fat in the first place. That is built into our bodies as a survival mechanism. Stored fat can be used as fuel to keep us alive.

Burning fat is where we are trying to get to, but the body is making more while we are trying to get rid of it. Yikes. What a cycle of frustration.


If your body chemistry is off enough, you will have a really hard time getting into ketosis.


Time for a Checkup?


You might consider having your hormones checked to see where you stand. Actually that’s good advice for any woman over the age of 40.

If the hormones aren’t balanced, you could fall off the deep end. It’s like standing in the middle of a teeter totter with one foot on either side. Gotta stay balanced.

So, just thinking “the keto diet doesn’t work for me” won’t get you anywhere. You need to address your hormone balance.

In addition, practice the stress reducing techniques we have talked about in other episodes. Or go find some SIMPLE ones.


My favorite is breathing through the left nostril only. Lie down on your right side, put your right hand by your face so your right thumb can block your right nostril. Then take 26 Loooong Slooow deep breaths, in and out, only through the left nostril.


It’s very calming.


Mental state is super important also. That’s a big topic we’ll talk about later. Relax and Keto on.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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