Turn Off The Food Crave Machine!

Doing a Keto diet can seem a little daunting at first. Not the part where you have to change your eating habits. Nor the part where you have to exert a little will power (not that much really).

No, most people just get confused by how to count their macro nutrients, usually called macros. Macros just means the breakdown of your food into the basic parts: Carbs, Protein, and Fats.

Keto is not really very concerned with counting calories. Everything within reason of course. You can’t eat a million calories, even if it’s balanced keto. But once you are on keto, your body will usually start telling you when enough is enough.

The only thing your body is not good at warning you about is carbs. Carbs make you want more carbs. That’s all there is to it. Fats will fill you up and give you a feeling of satisfaction. Carbs turn on the crave machine.

You’ve got to count your carbs. Don’t go by how you “feel”. For strict keto, which is the only kind we recommend, you need to keep the carbs around 20 grams per day.

To do this, you have to be ruthless. You have to be like a Mama bear protecting her cubs. Don’t let those carbs into your system.

Read labels. If you are at  a restaurant, ask someone. Certain foods are loaded with hidden carbs, or even outright sugar.

Some of the more common hidden carb foods.

Milk: milk has natural sugar in it. We recommend heavy cream instead. Pretty great, huh? Who ever thought you would hear “Put down the skim milk and pass the heavy cream!”

Most Fruit. Blueberry is one of the few that is ok in SMALL amounts.

Chicken wings with Buffalo or barbeque sauce. Chicken fine, sauce, always check the label.

Breaded anything. If the meat is breaded, you just undid all the good the protein would do.

Grains. No grains. They are solid carb, and turn into sugar. They do so many other bad things to the body. Just don’t.

Low Fat Yogurt.  There’s that milk sugar thing again. Cheese or heavy cream is it.

At first you will think your whole life is counting carbs. But it’s a matter of practice. As you do it, you will start to know the general carb levels of foods, and you will get the knack of figuring it out from your own knowledge.

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