The natural health world has known about this for decades. But lately, the mainstream of medicine has gotten very interested in how the bacteria in the gut is super important to overall health.

We actually have about 3 to 5 POUNDS of friendly bacteria in the gut! This includes the stomach and the intestines. We have up to 100 trillion bacteria. Our body has an interlocked relationship with bacteria.

We all got a bad impression because we only heard of bad bacteria. Bacterial infections. Now we have super bacteria from overuse of antibiotics. (Note: I am not saying don’t use antibiotics if you need them. This is about long term health.)

But bacteria are actually awesome. The “good” bacteria that is.

The entire group of friendly bacteria as a whole, is called the microbiome. It is linked to every system in the body. Studies have proven that it affects even mental health. When the gut is healthy, all the things the doctor looks for in your blood work improve. Like hormone balance, insulin sensitivity, and the big one, metabolic flexibility.

You know those people that are really set in their ways? They don’t want to hear about anything new. Well, your gut actually can get like that. It won’t be able to change when you need it to.

If you want your body to switch into Ketosis, it may resist. It will have trouble converting fat into energy, and instead will store it as fat. Yikes! Not what we are trying to do here.

When your gut is healthy, your body is very flexible about switching from a carb based diet to Keto.

How do we get a healthy gut? Well what do you know?  A low carb diet is right at the top of the list of things that will give you a healthy gut!  😉

Doing the Keto diet will automatically change the body around so it is able to go into ketosis easier. What could be greater than that?

You can take an acidophilus ( or similar)  pill. It will help, and really can’t hurt.  Take note though, cheap probiotics are pretty worthless. Some of them have zero live bacteria. Here is a good brand that is not expensive at all. It has no dairy or soy, which is also important.

But the probiotic pills alone are not the  answer. The keto diet will make the gut heal itself and the microbiome.

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