Everywhere you read about Keto, it says you have to deplete all the sugar in the body before you can get into ketosis. But there is a trick, or hack, that can help you jump ahead.
Make MCT oil part of your diet EVERY DAY. It can actually help you get into ketosis even if all the glycogen is not completely out of the body.
MCT stands for medium chain triglyceride. MCTs are turned into ketone bodies that your body can immediately use for energy! They don’t even have to pass through the whole digestive process. That’s why if you take oil on your food or in a drink, you will feel almost instant energy!
In my own experience, this was a huge breakthrough. If you have low mental energy you won’t believe the difference.
MCT oil is part of coconut oil. But, Coconut oil is only about 15% MCT. You need to buy it in the form of MCT oil because it is refined for you. Your body doesn’t have to turn the coconut oil into MCT. The MCT is ready for the body to turn to energy.
The brand I HIGHLY recommend is HERE. It is made with super high quality ingredients.
MCT oil changed my life. But I am not you. You will have to experiment with different brands and how much to take. Listen to your body and how it responds. But if you have any kind of chronic fatigue symptoms, you will be amazed how much it can help you.
I make a drink in the morning called bulletproof coffee. It’s coffee with MCT oil in it. If you drink it straight, with no cream, you can get a bunch of energy without being weighed down by food and calories. Then I don’t eat until lunch. It gives me so much mental energy I get lots done, (like these daily tips!)
I also drizzle it over my food some days. Other days I use Avocado oil, or Olive Oil.
Get it into your body every day. You will be a Keto superstar.
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