While you are happily watching the scale go down and down on the keto diet, don’t forget other aspects of your health.

You need fiber! You need it to keep your gut healthy. You get fiber from vegetables. Not from meat, not from fat.

Vegetables also have thousands of micronutrients that the body needs in a natural form. The minerals in veggies are in the form that is much easier for your body to take in. Taking vitamins and minerals in a pill can be a good thing. But it can’t replace real food.

Gut health (Stomach, intestines) has become one of the most exciting new areas of health study. It is critical to your overall health.

We recommend about 20 grams of carbs per day as a general rule. Now you could  get that by eating a ¼” teaspoon of sugar, OR, by eating a bunch of really fresh, healthy veggies.

Without even being a scientist or dietician, just using common sense, you know which is better for you. The veggies.

Here’s a list non starchy, low carb veggies to use as mainstays in your diet.

Swiss Chard:  If you’ve never had it steamed with olive oil and salt, I weep for you. This is my favorite of all time. I personally prefer the red chard, but it doesn’t matter which type of chard. In fact,  I eat it almost every day. Dark green leaves loaded with micronutrients and chlorophyll. Yes.

Kale: This is the big thing right now but there’s a caveat with this one. It is very high in Folic Acid, which is one of the B vitamins.  That sounds great, but there are a whole lot of people out there that actually can’t handle that. There is a gene called the MTHFR gene. About half the population has this gene.

If you have it, you can’t process normal folic acid! Kale will make you feel awful. This is what used to happen to me until I found out the the source of my  problem. If kale makes you feel lousy, dont’ eat it. There’s a reason it makes you feel lousy.

Instead, you will need to get your B vitamins from “Methylated” B vitamins. Duck.com it.

Spinach: More dark green leaves. Super nutrition.

Cauliflower: The new wonder veg. You can make “rice” from it, or even flour. Get to know this wonderful veggie.

Cabbage: Nuff said.

Brussels Sprouts: There are a whole world of recipes around this veg and it keeps well in the fridge for when you prepare your food ahead of time.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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