what if my carbs are too low on keto

What If My Carbs Are Too Low On Keto?

This  question comes up a lot. The answer is not a simple yes or no.

Some of it depends on your genetics. Some of it depends on what level of Keto you are doing.

We always recommend doing what’s called ‘Strict Keto’.

Lazy Keto usually only makes things worse. When you try to mix regular diet with keto, your body is always confused, and it can’t get solidly into keto.

You have to get all the glycogen, or blood sugar, out of your system to get into ketosis. Ketosis is when you start to burn the fat for energy.

If you are always sneaking extra carbs into your system, your body never has to switch to burning fat.


What’s On The Other Side?


So what about on the other side of that equation?  What if my carbs are too low on keto?

If you are not fully on keto, if you are doing ‘Loose Keto’, then your body will be at least partly dependent on carbs for energy.

Then you lower your carbs all of a sudden.


Here’s what can happen.


  1. You might have very low energy (hypoglycemia). Because you are depending on blood sugar for energy, and not ketones, you aren’t putting enough carbs in to keep your blood sugar high enough.


  1. You Won’t Lose Weight!  As strange as it seems, the carbs play a part in your metabolism. If you are not firmly in ketosis, you still need carbs for your metabolism to work properly and burn fat.  This is why you can’t mix keto and normal diet. You need to be in or out.


  1. Fluctuating blood sugar levels can give you brain fog, confusion, and headaches. These symptoms can also come from eating certain carbs, mainly grains.  People often have gluten sensitivity that causes them to have huge symptoms.


I tell people to stay away from grains no matter what diet they are on. Gluten almost killed me before I knew what it was. So for me, it’s personal.


  1. Sugar Craving.  When you play with your blood nutrient balance by bouncing around in your diet, your body is always playing catch up. It doesn’t know what it wants, so it tries to eat everything in sight.


We’ve all been there. Grazing in the kitchen, not knowing what we want, but knowing we want SOMETHING.


  1. You might have problems with digestive regularity. Your body needs to be in a groove, a habit. If you instantly take away a lot of your fiber, your bowels may not be able to do their job.


This Is Only Part Of It


These are just a few of the problems that come from ‘mixing’ diets. Instead of asking what if my carbs are too low on keto, ask if you are doing a coherent diet.

Try doing Keto. Not half keto, not sort of keto. Real actual Keto. Then see what happens. See how you do.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day



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