Keto & Blood Sugar Damage.  Stop the damage starting today.

Blood sugar levels are super important in overall health. We talk about it here mostly because it affects our weight so much.

Blood sugar levels that are too high, are involved in lots of dangerous health conditions, including the Covid-19 virus.

Most of the people who get really sick, or even die, from the virus, have either diabetes or high blood sugar levels. Of course, there are other factors like genetics. But this is the one area where you have control. Blood sugar levels.

Beyond the immediate problems of high blood sugar, there are the long term problems.

Long Term Blood Sugar Damage

Long term high blood sugar will cause damage to body organs. Some of the damage can be permanent. Some of the damage can be reversed if you will start a program of lowering your blood sugar. (Hint: It’s called the Keto Diet.)

What exact level of blood sugar starts organ damage?

If you get a reading of 100 after you haven’t eaten all night (called fasting level), that is high enough to start damage.

If you get a reading of 140 or more after a meal, that is enough to start damage.

To find out your numbers, you have to actually measure them. You have to have a Blood Sugar Meter, then you have to prick your finger and get a drop of blood. Most of you have had it done by a doctor if you are older.

A1C  What it Means

The other number doctors go by to see if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic, is the A1C. It gives an average of the blood sugar over the last 3 months. (Don’t ask how they figure that out).

If your A1C is greater than 7.4, they say you are diabetic. Between about 6 and 7.4, they call it pre-diabetic. Meaning you are on your way to full diabetes.  Pre-diabetic really means you have developed insulin resistance.

It’s one of the reasons regular dieting doesn’t seem to work. The weight gain and weight loss system the body wants to use is broken. So it doesn’t know what to do. Another thing Keto helps to straighten out.

To be safe, and A1C of 5 or less is ideal. Even if you can get it anywhere below 6, that’s a big step in the right direction.

The bottom line is this. Keto naturally lowers your blood sugar. Lower blood sugar leads to many health benefits that have nothing to do with weight. Keto & blood sugar damage are two things you need to be really aware of.

So what could be better than losing weight and getting really healthy all at the same time? Nothing much that I can think of.

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