Starbucks Keto Menu

Starbucks Keto Menu


Starbucks Keto Menu is a little bit, well, little,  but it is there.

In case you are wondering, the name Starbuck was from the novel Moby Dick. Starbuck was the first mate of the ship Pequod.

The reason the name has such a literary origin, is that the founders were three literary fans, or maybe nerds we might affectionately call them today. They loved to read books, talk, and most of all drink coffee and tea.

The original stores were small with no place to even sit. They sold spices and teas, as well as coffee beans and brewed coffee.

Much later they were bought by Howard Shultz who took them to the monster company they are today. He added the coffee drinks, most of which we can’t have, and the foods. That’s why there is even anything to eat there at all.

They started in downtown Seattle. But now the joke is, you can’t give directions using the Starbucks because they are on every corner. There are over 500 in Mexico alone.

Since they have all kinds of cubbyhole locations in airports and malls, we can’t guarantee every one will have these foods. But here’s what we know.

Most of the menu is off limits, as usual. But Starbucks keto menu is just big enough to make a good snack, or small meal, depending on how you look at it.


Best Keto Choice at Starbucks

Prosciutto, hard-boiled egg and white cheddar cheese. Add Iced white tea, unsweetened.


Starbucks Low Carb Options for Meats



Hard-boiled egg


Keto Friendly Cheeses at Starbucks


Moon cheese bites

Brie cheese

Cheddar cheese

White cheddar cheese

Whisps cheese crisps

Cream cheese


Low Carb Veggies


Red Bell peppers

Mixed Nuts


Keto Compatible Drinks at Starbucks

Rev up brewed wellness tea

Blonde roast coffee

Teavana chai tea

Café Americano

Blonde café Americano

Defense brewed wellness tea

Pike place roast coffee

Dark roast coffee

Heavy cream

Mint majesty tea


Cold brewed pike place roast


Earl grey tea

Royal English breakfast tea

Emperor’s clouds & mist tea

Iced black tea

Comfort brewed wellness tea

Iced green tea

Iced white tea


Starbucks keto menu is small on the foods, but large on the beverages. Still, it’s enough to get you through until you can get a real meal. Anyway, light eating and fasting are only good news for your body. So it works out great either way.


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