98% of drinks available in restaurants, gas stations, and convenience stores are loaded with sugar.   It’s a non starter.

Sweet tea, soft drinks, milk shakes (no, the fat content of the milkshake doesn’t overcome the 9,000 carbs 😉

Those sweet, milkshake type coffee drinks at Starbucks? 80 to 120 grams of carbs!! Your body will wish you were never born. That’s 22 teaspoons of sugar!

But all is not lost. There are a few oases out there in the wild.

  • Soda water. (Club soda) Add a spritz of lime.
  • Coffee with heavy cream
  • Black coffee, hot or iced. Sweeten with the stevia you carry everywhere with you in your pocket.
  • Unsweetened iced tea
  • Hot tea and lemon juice
  • Herbal Teas – Chamomile, which is soothing.  Peppermint, also soothing and good for digestion.  I’m not getting into herbal medicines, just the soothing, non controversial kind of teas.

And don’t forget plain water. Seriously, if you just get into the habit of drinking water, you will start liking it. Millions of people around the world only drink water. If you put a little sprinkle of stevia in your water, it will give the illusion of a flavored water.  For many, it makes the water all they need.

Alcoholic drinks are  off the menu. The alcohol turns straight into sugar in the blood stream.

If you have ever wanted to know what “instant” results look like, here’s your chance. Alcohol can knock your body right out of ketosis instantly.

Not cool.

There is one more alternative if you are able to take your ingredients with you. This is an amazingly delicious Strawberry Keto shake.  Instead of just getting  by with whatever you can find, you could have a balanced Keto experience, and a delicious smoothie in one. You can check it out at https://rockthatketo.com/ss.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day


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