OK, before we go any further, you DON’T have to exercise for keto to work. I’m only here to tell you what the benefits are. And there are plenty of benefits.

Besides being good for you in general, exercise while you are doing Keto can boost your ketone levels.  In case you don’t know, that is a really good thing.

The keto diet is to get you into ketosis, which means you have lots of ketones in your blood. So helping that along will really speed things up.

It can really help your body make the switch from burning glucose in the blood, to burning fat. Much quicker than without exercise.  The exercise burns up the stored glucose, which has to happen to go into Keto.  The more frequently you exercise, the quicker all this happens.

Also, as you lose weight, there will be some waste material that your cells release into the lymph system and blood. Do you want that waste to sit there and build up? Or do you want it to move out like a fast flowing stream.

That’s why exercise. With plenty of water, the exercise cleans out the system so it can get to work burning fat.

Sitting all week, then walking 5 miles on Saturday is nice, but it won’t get the needed changes started. Walking every other day is much better. Walking every day is bestl.

Try to throw in some other moves while you are walking. Do a few deep knee bends. Lean against a tree or bench and do some “vertical” pushups. (Instead of pushups on the ground, you are leaning against something. They are much easier). Stop and do twists with your upper body. Lean over, side to side.

You don’t have to do a complicated routine. Just get out there and move your body. The body was meant to move.

Of course, if you are into exercise, you probably have a routine. That’s great. Keep it up.

But if you are used to being a couch potato, let’s light a fire under that big potato and get it up and going. Just Move. Any old movement will do.

Even if you’re bed ridden, move the parts you can move.

So, to sum up. Any type of exercise is good to help you get in Ketosis.  Any amount of exercise is good. More frequent exercise is better.  Daily exercise is fantastic. You got this.

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