Bulletproof Tea and Keto!

If you have been involved in Keto, or  looking into keto, you’ve probably heard about bulletproof coffee.

It’s an Amazing way to start out your day.

It’s one of the healthiest drinks you can take.  It works great with the Keto diet. It really helps your brain to function.   All good reasons to drink it.  Probably the healthiest drink to ever exist (besides water).

But….(isn’t there always a but?)

But what if you can’t drink coffee because of the caffeine?

Some people get overstimulated from it.  Actually, that’s what happens to me if I drink very much.

Some people just don’t play well with caffeine.

My solution, I only drink bulletproof coffee in small amounts. It doesn’t take much. I have about 4 oz in the morning, then a couple of teeny sips around lunch.

If I have too much I get overstimulated, physically.

Everyone is different with caffeine

I personally don’t get jittery and anxious, but some people do. However,  my hands will be shaky if I have too much. Makes it hard to type 🙂

Truthfully, bulletproof coffee has three things you need for it to work well. Grass fed butter, Brain Octane Oil, and caffeine.

The caffeine seems to act as a delivery system to get the fats to the brain quickly. I’m not sure of the science, I just know it works really fast with caffeine.

Back to the jitters, that’s why some would rather drink tea instead of coffee for this drink.


Coffee is great, but so is tea.

Especially the type of tea called “Chai”.

It’s so warm and spicy and inviting.


So I’ve  made it bulletproof.

And let me tell you… it is FANTASTIC!

Bulletproof tea tastes really good. And has all the health benefits of bulletproof coffee.

Here’s how to prepare it: https://rockthatketo.com/bt

Simple and delicious, it will keep you going through your Keto days.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day


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