keto at sonic and low carb

Keto at Sonic


Eating keto at Sonic is simple, even if they don’t have a lot of choices.

Everyone knows about Sonic. There are more than 3500 locations in forty six states.

The things they are most known for are not for us low carb dieters, but they are fun. Extra long cheese coneys and toaster sandwiches are two. But really they are known for the carhops.

The founder, Troy Smith, had failed three times in business. Finally, in 1953, he found an abandoned root beer stand and opened it up to serve hot dogs and hamburgers made to customer specifications. It was called the Top Hat.

While traveling in Louisiana he came across a small restaurant with speakers that let people order right from their car. He added that to his formula, along with rollerskating carhops and a cover over the customers cars.

So there you have the most American of all images. Carhops on roller skates bringing your food right to your window.

The whole thing started in Stillwater Oklahoma. To emphasize the “Service at the speed of sound”, they renamed it Sonic.

In the early 70’s, they started to expand in earnest, and went from a few dozen stores to the thousands that exist today.

To stay keto at Sonic, there are slim pickins, but it can be done.

Best Keto Friendly Meal Choice at Sonic

2 hamburger patties layered with swiss cheese, and topped with grilled mushrooms on a bed of lettuce.


Low Carb Compatible Meats at Sonic

Hamburger patty



Cheese for Low Carb Dieters


American cheese

Swiss cheese


Keto Compatible Vegetables at Sonic



Grilled mushrooms




Sauces for the Ketogenic Diet

Lemon wedges

Lime wedges



To Drink at Sonic to Stay Low Carb




Cold brew coffee

Heavy cream

Unsweet tea


For good old fashioned fun eating, doing keto at Sonic can’t be beat.


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