Low Carb at Shoneys

Low Carb at Shoneys


Eating low carb at Shoneys is a little tricky, so take notes.

Shoneys is kind of an American tradition and it started in  1947.   Alex Schoenbaum opened a little drive in called the Parkette Drive-In beside his father's bowling alley in Charleston, West Virginia.

Alex met the founder of  Big Boy, another big name in restaurant folklore. Back then, Alex was able to be a franchisee of Big Boy, but have a different name for his stores. He held a public contest to name his stores and Shoneys was the winner.

He eventually  split off from the Big Boy chain and Shoneys became it’s own large franchise operation. Note to Star Wars fans, one of the early stores was called Yoda’s Big Boy. That was back in the mid 50’s, well before George Lucas was making movies.

Shoney’s big claim to fame is their breakfast, lunch, and dinner bar. Unfortunately for us, it is filled with landmines. Take note that the FOOD bar and the SALAD bar are two different things.

To stay low carb at Shoneys, we suggest ordering your meal from the main menu. The salad bar does have a good selection of keto safe foods. It’s the FOOD bar that has the problems.

Shoneys Best Keto Friendly Meal


Chicken breast seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic with broccoli on the side.


Keto Compatible Meats at Shoneys


Grilled chicken breast (no sauce, seasoning)

Salmon (no glaze, seasoning)

Hamburger patty

Sirloin steak



Cheeses  Ketogenic Compatible

American cheese

Swiss cheese

Cheddar cheese

Parmesan cheese


Shoneys Low Carb Options for Veggies



Green onion





Green olives

Black olives

Lemon wedges

Green peppers


Romaine lettuce




Keto Compatible Sauces


Olive Oil



What You Can Drink at Shoneys as a Keto Dieter



Unsweetened Tea


The thing about keeping low carb at Shoneys is that they are there when you really need them. The family can eat without breaking the bank.


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