What is the Biggest Keto Mistake?

It’s actually got a fun answer.

And you will be happy to remedy this mistake.

What is the number one mistake people make when doing Keto?

Not enough fat.

Can I get a hallelujah? Yes!

This is the top reason why people either don’t succeed at first, or get stalled.

We are told our whole lives to be scared of fat.

“Have less fat in your diet”, or “Go completely fat free”. This was drilled into us.

That's what turned into the biggest keto mistake that people make now.

People Died Young

It might have been because there was a whole generation of Americans, especially men, that died at a pretty young age by today’s standards.

When I was growing up, men would die in their early to mid 60’s. Today, that age sounds almost young.

Usually they died from heart problems.  The doctors would operate and see a bunch of fatty looking stuff clogging the arteries. They just assumed it was fat, going straight from the stomach to the blood vessels.

Now we know a lot more about how all that fatty stuff got there. It has a lot more to do with other things…like smoking and drinking…than fat intake.

We also know a lot more about genetics. Some people are much more likely to develop problems with plaque build up in their arteries. It’s because of how your body chemistry is designed.

But back to our new found love of all things fat. You actually need it for the body to work properly.

Naturally occurring steroid hormones are fat soluble. What the heck does that mean?

You Actually NEED fat to survive!

You need fat so your body can make certain hormones. Those hormones tell the body to make protein. Protein is muscle.

Fats tell your body when it is full. Carbs tell your body to EAT MORE!

Fats are a natural helper for all the systems in your body to work properly.

When everything in the body works properly, you don’t even want to over eat. Eating the proper amount to keep your weight right will come naturally.

So don’t be afraid of the “fat” part of Keto. Get that old “Low Fat” programming out of your head.

Fat now needs to be 70% – 80% of your calories per day. The biggest keto mistake? It will become the most fun thing you do.

What could be better news?

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day


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