Net Carbs In Nuts and Cereals

Net Carbs In Nuts and Cereals

There is a common misconception in keto dieting. People think there are certain foods that you can eat all you want. Sorry.  There is nothing I know of that you can eat all you want.

Nuts are one of the foods that seem to be ideal for keto. They have protein and fat.  What else could you want?

Well, you could ask for less carbs for one thing.

Nuts are pretty high in carbs in general.

Cereals are pretty much off the chart. They are here for information purposes.

Or, if you are ever stuck with literally nothing else to eat, you will know how much you can eat.


I don’t recommend grains for anything.


The carb content here is figured as per 3 ½” ounces, or 100 grams.

Net carbs are total carbs minus fiber. If a food has 10 grams of total carbs, but 5 grams of that is fiber, then the net carbs are 5.

Fiber is counted as carbs, but doesn’t really absorb in the body so many people don’t count it as part of the carb total.

Note: If you are ever stuck at a certain weight and you can’t lose anymore, try counting your carbs as total carbs and not net carbs. This will lower your carb count even more and can often break a weight loss stall.


Here is the list of net carbs in nuts and cereals.


Nuts That Are OK on keto (in the right amount)


Almonds – 10 grams of carb per 3 ½” ounces. Almonds are thought to have anti cancer properties.

Walnuts – 7 grams

Pecans – 4 grams

Macadamia – 5 grams and lots of fat

Brazil Nuts – 4 grams

Peanuts – 7 grams


Nuts That Are High Carb


Pistachios – 18 grams

Hazelnuts – 20 grams

Cashew – 27 grams

One or two of these high carb nuts won’t knock you out of ketosis, but they will subtract a big hunk of your carb allowance for the day.


Grains and Cereals (None of these are keto friendly)


White Rice – 28 grams

Brown Rice – 21 grams

Black Rice – 32 grams

Cereal – 58 grams

Buckwheat – 29 grams

Oats – 10 grams

Quinoa – 34 grams


That is for net carbs in nuts and cereals. As you can see, the grains are a complete no-go zone.

Stick to your regular keto diet and let it work it’s magic for you.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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