Net Carbs In Fruits For Keto Dieters

Net Carbs In Fruits For Keto Dieters

This is a list of common fruits showing their carb content.

The carb content is figured as per 100 grams, or about 3 ½” ounces.  Net carbs are total carbs minus fiber. Fiber is counted as carbs, but doesn’t really absorb in the body.

Note: If you are ever stuck at a certain weight and you can’t lose anymore, try counting your carbs as total carbs and not net carbs. This will lower your carb count even more and can often break a weight loss stall.

Fruit is pretty much not done on Keto.

However, several of the berries are fine, and theoretically, small amounts of fruit could be ok.

However, anything sugary, including sweet fruit, will tend to trigger your body’s insulin response. For that reason, it’s probably best to stay away from super sugary items, even if it’s within the total carb limit. That overrides the net carbs in fruits.

This is a generalized guide of net carbs in fruits. It’s an approximation as each individual piece of produce will vary in carb content.


Fruits In The ‘Possible’ Zone


Berries are some of the few fruits that will work with keto.


Blackberries – 5 grams

Cranberries – 5 grams

Raspberries – 5 grams

Peaches – 5 grams

Lemon – 5 grams


This next group are int the ‘be very careful’ zone.


Gooseberries – 6 grams

Strawberries – 6 grams

Apricot – 8 grams

Grapefruit – 9 grams

Orange – 10 grams

Kumquats – 9 grams

Pomelo – 9 grams

Honeydew Melon – 9 grams

Cantaloupe – 7 grams

Watermelon – 8 grams

Cherries – 10 grams

Pineapple – 8 grams

Plums – 8 grams

Coconut Meat – 6 grams

Fruits in the No Go Zone


These don’t work at all.


Kiwi – 12 grams

Blueberries – 11 grams (some people say these are ok in small doses)

Grapes – 12 grams

Goji Berries – 18 grams

Tangerines – 11

Pears – 12 grams

Bananas – 20 grams

Mango – 13 grams

Lychee – 14 grams

Apple – 12 grams

And last, pretty much all dried fruit is like eating sugar straight. Raisins, Dates, Mango, anything dried only concentrates the sugar.


Net carbs in fruits have a problem beyond the amount of carbs. It’s that the carbs are really in the form of sugar. So be very sparing with this entire part of the diet.

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