1. Understand what Keto is supposed to accomplish

Keto is  a way of eating that allows your body to change the way it stores and burns calories.

It is NOT a high protein diet. You need just the right amount of protein. Too much, and you will put a strain on your kidneys and the rest of your elimination system. Too little, and your body will burn muscle instead of fat. That leaves you in a mess…less muscle and even more fat!

It IS a low carb diet. It is NOT a NO carb diet.

Knowing your macros is the key to eating correctly to lose weight.

  1. Use a keto calculator  to figure out your macros.

Macros is the shorthand for Macronutrients. All food is made up of 3 macronutrients. Protein, Fat (or lipids), and carbohydrates (carbs). “Macros” which is short for macronutrients, are the amounts of fat, carbs, and protein your individual body needs.

Success in Keto totally depends on getting the right amount of each nutrient.

Get either of these 2 apps to help you calculate your macros.

  1. Carb Manager
  2. Stupid Simple Macros

The calculator will make sure you’re getting the right amounts of each. When you use the calculator: Set your daily carbs at 20g, your activity level at sedentary (you can always adjust later if you’re starving), and make sure you choose at least .8g protein per pound of lean body mass. Most people recommend a 20-30% deficit if you’re trying to lose weight, but no more than that.

  1. A Simple way to think about the diet. 

To keep you from getting into a stressful relationship with the diet, there is a simple way to look at it.

First, don’t try to hit a specific number for each macro each day. Instead, think of it like this.

The carb number is an upper limit.  You can go under that amount no problem. (You do need some carbs, so don’t go extreme no carb.)

The protein is a goal you shoot for.

The fat? Have fat until you feel full.

See how much more relaxed that is.

You want to be in the ballpark with these numbers, not freaking out if you miss the exact combination of numbers.

Carbs? Stay anywhere under your goal.

Protein, anywhere around the number. A little over or under, not a big deal.

Fat? Until you feel full. Don’t eat more fat if you aren’t up to your number yet. Your body has plenty of fat to burn. Use the fat for appetite control.

Now you can relax and have fun with it.

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Have a Happy, Healthy Day!




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