Net Carbs in Non Alcoholic Drinks for Keto

Net Carbs in Non Alcoholic Drinks for Keto

This is a list of common drinks you will run into. If you are in Malaysia at a roadside stand and they are offering a drink you have never heard of?… I can’t help you.

The carb content is figured as per 100 grams, or about 3 ½” ounces.  Net carbs are total carbs minus fiber. Fiber is counted as carbs, but doesn’t really absorb in the body.

Note: If you are ever stuck at a certain weight and you can’t lose anymore, try counting your carbs as total carbs and not net carbs. This will lower your carb count even more and can often break a weight loss stall.

There are items on here that are not great for keto, like fruits and milk.  You might think  you could still eat just one or two sips, as long as your total carbs stay in the lane.

However, anything sugary, including sweet fruit, will tend to trigger your body’s insulin response. For that reason, it’s probably best to stay away from sugary items and milk, even if it’s within the total carb limit.  (Heavy cream and cheese are OK. Only plain milk has the sugars)

This is a generalized guide of net carbs in foods. It’s an approximation as each individual drink will vary in carb content, depending on how it was made, etc.


Here’s the list of Net Carbs in Non Alcoholic Drinks for Keto.


Drinks That Are Keto Cool


The following are totally fine, pretty much in any quantity.


Water – 0 carbs per 3 ½” ounces

Lemon Water – 0 carbs

Diet Cola – 0 carbs, but it has other problems. Not recommended.

Black Coffee – 0 carbs

Tea – .2 carbs


Drinks That Are So So


It looks like there’s only one in this category.

Vegetable Juice – It depends on what vegetable. But it concentrates any carbs so be careful. 11 carbs.


Drinks that are No Go  –  Don’t even think about it.


Soy Milk – 12 grams

Cow Milk – 11 grams (it has sugars. it’s not good for keto)

Fruit Smoothie – 36 grams

Regular Milkshake – 60 grams

Remember, these carb amounts are for 3.5 ounces. If your milkshake is 12 or 16 ounces you are talking about hundreds of grams of carbs!

Soda – 39 grams

Coconut water – 9   Coconut oil is used in keto a lot. The water and the meat, not so much.

Sweetened Tea – 32 grams

Kombucha – 10 grams

Orange Juice – 26 grams

Energy Drink – 28 grams

Caffe Latte – 15

Frappuccino – 50!!!

Vitamin Water – 32 grams


That’s the list of Net Carbs in Non Alcoholic Drinks for Keto. Drinks can really sneak up on you. Get used to plain water. You will start appreciating it.


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