Does Nut Milk Break A Fast

Nut milks are a great substitute for dairy products, if you have a problem digesting dairy.

I have a genetic problem with cow dairy products myself. I don’t get mucous, I just feel really strange. It affects my hormones.

Having said that, I seem to do fine with goat and sheep cheese. So it’s an individual thing.

But if you already know you can’t or don’t want to have dairy, then nut milks are a great substitute.

Question is, do they break a fast?

There are two ways of looking at breaking a fast.

Technical approach: If you take in anything that changes your insulin levels, even a tiny amount, like when you eat a meal, you are breaking the fast.

Real World: If you take in something that has a bit of nutritional content, like coffee with a little cream, it probably doesn’t have an impact on your fasting state. Your body will usually take care of it and carry on.

When you are answering the question, does nut milk break a fast, carbs are by far the main foe in the situation. Fats don’t spike the insulin levels much at all.

Therefore, small amounts are a good trade off. Coffee or tea with a little of these alternatives can give you a needed boost.

Choose Wisely

If you have to choose between staying on the fast with a small boost, or going off the fast because you have no energy, take the boost.

Let’s go through the different alternative milks.  These are all UNSWEETENED, obviously.

In 8 ounces or 225 ml…

  1. Almond Milk.  1 gram carb.
  2. Whole Cow Milk    12 grams carb.
  3. Soy Milk    4  grams carb.
  4. Coconut Milk  2  grams carb.
  5. Rice Milk   22 grams!  (or you could drink sugar).


As you can see, the Almond milk and Coconut milks are the best by far. I don’t recommend Soy milk at all. It changes your hormonal balance. It can cause all sorts of problems.

Almond and coconut milk have half the carbs anyway, so try to go with them.

Remember, any drink with any kind of added sugar is OUT. Honey, Maple syrup, Agave, all NO NO’s.

Those are all different names for sugar. The body doesn’t differentiate. It just sees sugar.

Does nut milk break a fast? Don’t worry so much about a small amount of cream, almond, or coconut milk in your coffee or tea if you are fasting. Everything in moderation.

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