Keto Weight Loss Using Your Mind

Yesterday I talked about the role of gratitude in everything in life.  Weight loss is really just a part of a whole, complete life view.

Most people are here for help losing weight. But just for a moment, I want you to remember, there are a whole lot of very unhappy skinny people.

I know that doesn’t help you feel better if you are over your best weight. But I’m trying to get your mind out of the self pity rut.

The self pity rut can be so deep, you can’t climb out.  So let your mind fly out of the rut, and start seeing things as they really are.

We, as humans, like to take our worst aspects and magnify them. We make them so big that they can crush us. “I’m weak, I’m bad, I’m fat, I’m ugly”.  Ugh, just reading the words makes me want to throw up.

What if that’s all you hear from yourself?  Your self worth will be zero.


You must change the way you talk to yourself.


“I am fine.  I can accomplish this. I am good. I have every right to be here in this Universe as me. “     See how much better that sounds?  And you will feel a lot better too.

And here’s the clincher….it is totally in your control. You can retrain your mind to think correctly.

Keto weight loss using your mind is not only possible, it’s a very necessary part of it.

The mind is kind of like a monkey. It will jump all over and do a lot of mischief, unless it is trained. You have to become the trainer. You have to take charge of your mind.

Everytime your mind tries to talk bad about you, MAKE IT STOP!  Even if you say it out loud, tell it to stop. (maybe not out loud if other people are around 😉


Then force your mind to say good things about you.


It doesn’t matter at all if you believe the good things about yourself. Forget about whether you believe it. Just make your mind go through the exercise of thinking positive thoughts.

You will train, or program, you mind to start being nice. It doesn’t take very long either. Just a few days, if you will stay on top of it.

Then turn your positive thoughts toward your diet and lifestyle. If it all isn’t how you want it, don’t get discouraged.


Be Firm With Your Mind


Don’t be a wimp with your mind. Be firm and positive .   “I am on a journey of discovery, and it is an adventure. Everything won’t be easy, but I am able. I can do it. I am doing it. There will be hills and valleys. I will keep going. I will make it.”

Keto weight loss using your mind is the key.

Talk to yourself this way, and not that ugly way. Watch what happens. You will be on a new path to your best self. The sky is the limit.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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