Keto Blows Up Slow Metabolism

Keto Blows Up Slow Metabolism


If you look up the word frustration in the library, slow metabolism would be one of the examples of  the most frustrating thing about weight loss.

Many of us have been there.

We try everything. We stop eating, or only eat salads for days, weeks, months. A pound or two comes off, usually in the wrong places.

Then, once we start eating again, the lost weight not only comes back immediately, but it seems to bring it’s friends and family along with it. We gain even more weight back, than what we lost.

Slow metabolism?  It seems like Reverse metabolism!

In Keto, we aren’t even concerned with this problem. That’s how amazing it is.


You see, the body has a few tricks up it’s sleeve, but we have more.


Here are a few of the things we are working against when we try to lose weight.

The body’s metabolism slows down with age. As a kid, I could eat anything. Not everyone is like that though. We have stories from people who have had weight problems since early childhood. Hint: Keto still wins. Keto Blows Up Slow Metabolism.

The body has a certain weight it likes to be at, called a set point. This set point is not set in stone. It’s more like a habit that the body gets into. If your setpoint is too high, don’t worry. We can change the setpoint and make it work in our favor.

Exercise increases hunger! Because exercise burns up calories and other nutrients so quickly, the body wants them replaced immediately.

I’m not saying not to exercise, just warning you what will happen. Exercise is necessary for your health, but not heavy exercise. Heavy exercise makes you HUNGRY!


Walking is good for you but won’t trigger massive hunger attacks.


Again, in my own experience, when I have tried exercising to lose weight, I go immediately to the fridge right after. So hungry I can’t see straight. Then I would proceed to eat more calories than I just burned.

Next, dieting itself slows the body’s metabolism. That’s why each pound is harder to lose than the last on a regular diet.

Plus, losing weight goes against your body’s own survival instinct. Your body likes extra fat in case of famine. There is millions of years of instinct you have to overcome.


Keto is a much milder and more effective way to get the body to burn it’s own fat.


You have trouble with your “metabolism” because you keep feeding it too much carbs.

The body wants to survive. It has amazing mechanisms to grab food from any source within.

It is really the simplest thing in the world. Stop giving it the easy “food”, carbs, and force it to burn fat for energy.

This bypasses all the problems I highlighted above.

When you aren't depriving your body at all,  it doesn’t feel like it’s starving. It doesn’t create massive cravings  to cram more food down your throat.

You are giving it a source of energy that it really likes, fat. That’s why it stores excess food energy as fat in the first place.

So let’s fix that metabolism thing. Keto Blows Up Slow Metabolism.


Let’s get on the Keto eating plan (see? I didn’t say diet).

If you are confused about how it all works, it’s laid out for you in an easy to follow system. This system even includes a shopping list! Just follow along, and your weight control system will be up and running in no time.


Without wild cravings. Without gnawing hunger.   Just go to this website and take a look. .   Just take a look at the success stories of people just like you. They did it, you can too.


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day





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