Slow Metabolism & Keto

You may have heard of metabolic syndrome, or you may not have. But, many, many of you have dealt with it for years.

What is it?

It’s what we commonly call a slow metabolism.  You don’t have much energy. You never feel like you get enough food. If you try to lower your calories to lose weight, nothing happens.

I’ve heard from people that will cut their calories to almost nothing for weeks at a time only to lose no weight, or tiny amounts of weight. Then that weight will jump right back onto their body when they start eating again.

It’s so frustrating you want to scream. You cry to the Universe…”What the heck does a person have to do to lose weight around here?”  Been there, done that.

The problem is insulin resistance.

All the workouts will be a waste of time. All the diets? Waste of time.

Until you take care of Insulin Resistance, you can forget about losing weight.

There is more than one way to get rid of a slow metabolism. We will talk about two of them.

Intermittent fasting, or I.F.,  is one way.  To get your body to change it’s insulin habits, you have to put the body in a position where it will have to change how it operates.

One of the most effective patterns of fasting for this purpose is “Every Other Day”. You eat one day, then fast the next.

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors probably had to do this a lot. Not because they wanted to, but just because there would be days they didn’t have enough food.  So the idea of eating like this is not really so outlandish.

Side note, if you are diabetic this is probably not for you, but in any case, always consult your doctor first. 

When you start fasting regularly, your body goes through a bunch of very good changes. The cells get to rest and rejuvenate, just like us when we take a break.

Healthy, rested cells start cleaning up and rearranging the system. When cells are healthy, they will want to create health. They will tend to work the way they were meant to.

What should you eat on this alternate day fasting regime?

You can actually be a lot more loose with your diet, especially if you are younger. You can lose weight without being strict Keto, as long as you follow some rules.

  1. Figure out how many calories you burn per day for your weight
  2. Don’t exceed that amount of calories per day. In other words, don’t eat enough calories for 2 days. Eat 1 day worth of calories, then fast the next day.
  3. No Sugar, or at least as little as humanly possible. Sorry, that still goes.
  4. High quality carbs. You still want to keep the grains to a minimum. Get your carb intake from vegetables whenever possible.
  5. Try to get a balance of protein and healthy fats, even though you don’t have to count everything like on strict Keto.
  6. If you really, really have to eat something on an off day, try to keep it to 500 calories or less.

Intermittent fasting has been done since the beginning of time. It is not a fad. In eastern healing systems it is very common to use fasting to heal serious health problems. I’ve been doing it since 1969 when I started practicing Yoga.

The second technique is of course, the Keto diet. You go completely off sugar, and lower your carb intake dramatically.  The body is then able to rest the insulin/sugar cycle and let your organs rest and reset.

Many, many people report going completely off blood sugar medicines and reversing type 2 diabetes from going Keto.

The hardest part of Keto is figuring out how all the parts fit together when you start out. If you don’t have a plan for success, you are planning to fail.

You can take a look at what a successful Keto plan looks like at . Everything, and I mean everything you need to actually lose weight.

What are you waiting for? Today is the right day to start.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day



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