Keto and Anti Aging

Keto and Anti Aging

Anti aging sounds great. Who wouldn’t want that?

The problem people have is they think it means you stop aging completely. That’s not how it works.

You are trying to slow aging, not stop it.

The second part of anti aging is that while you are here on Earth, you will feel better and your time will be more pleasant.

Here’s how that happens.

The harder the body works to do food processing, the more it ages. It’s like the opposite of physical exercise, which is good for you. But even physical exercise can be overdone to the point it is not good for you.

When you eat, your body uses what it needs, then what's left passes out of the body in a bowel movement. Well, each cell goes through it’s own similar process. After the cell burns whatever you put into it, it ejects waste product that has to be carried away.

Don't let the amount of waste gets to be too much, or else the liver, pancreas, and kidneys can start to get overloaded and have problems.

The liver especially, has  a job to help clean the blood. If it is too busy, it won’t be able to do much cleaning. The toxins that the cells are putting into the blood will recirculate. The cells won’t be able to function, and they will start to age early. Keto and anti aging works if you keep things clear and moving.

The body’s processes are  like dominoes standing in a row. If some part starts to fail, it will pull the rest with it eventually.

So the number 1 way that the Keto diet slows aging, is that it allows the organs of the body to function without being overloaded with toxins.

Ask any doctor, if the bloodwork gets good, the health gets good. And Keto makes the bloodwork very nice. When the hormones are balanced, the body ages slower.  If the blood is clear, and not full of toxins, the body ages slower.

When the cholesterol levels are balanced, the brain is much less likely to develop plaque. Plaque in the brain is a symptom, and Keto can help prevent that.

Keto is automatically anti aging. Like a car, you don’t have know exactly how it all works, you just want it to start and drive.  Keto works. Keto is anti aging, whether you understand how or not.

Really the point of losing weight is to feel good. Feel good physically, feel good about yourself, and feel good about being there for those you love. Keto is the feel good diet. Keto and Anti Aging go together. Just do it.

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