White Castle Keto

White Castle Keto


White Castle keto comes along with some history.  They are thought by many to be the first fast food chain in the USA. It’s beginnings go back to the 1920s. The first few restaurants opened in 1921, which gave it the title of first.


White Castle was always innovative.


Their next first was in the area of take out. They started the take out idea, with large bags of burgers, called stacks.  I remember getting them when I was young. Our family would start out our road trips with a stop by the Royal Castle, which was a knock off of White Castle. We would buy several large bags of the small burgers, and it would keep us satisfied for hours on end.


In fact, one of my most vivid flavor memories from childhood is those bags of small ‘sliders’ as they call them.


During World War 2, there were rationing limits on beef. So instead of going under, White Castle just added egg and hot dogs to make up for the beef limits.


White Castle goes so far back that their first TV commercial in 1960 was 40 years after their founding. Wow.


Their website went online in 1996, which is now 24 years ago. That’s a very recent event in their history.


If you are going to eat there, we have a warning. All the meat pattys have sugar, except the beef patty. But even the beef patty is cooked on the same cooktop with the bread.


So this one is up to you. Technically, the beef patty is Keto, but it’s not cooked in an ideal way. I’ll leave it to you.


The White Castle Keto Menu


Our Top Recommended Keto Friendly Meal at White Castle


2 egg patties layered with American cheese and topped with grilled onion.


Keto Compatible Meat at White Castle


Hamburger Patty



White Castle Low Carb Cheese


American Cheese


Low Carb Vegetables for Keto Dieters at White Castle


Grilled Onion


Sauce for Low Carb Friendly



What to drink to stay in Ketosis at White Castle


Unsweetened Tea


Heavy Cream


White Castle keto choices are limited, but you can go there for the memories.


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