What A Burger Keto

What A Burger Keto


The What A Burger Keto menu is the same as most burger joints. It’s very limited, but that’s not the point.  The question is, if you find yourself out somewhere and need a low carb meal, can you get it at Whataburger?  Yes, yes you can.

Whataburger is another all American burger joint, started in 1950. It’s right out of American Graffitti.

The buildings were A Frame shaped, with orange and white stripes. The part that covered the cars looked like an airplane wing. That’s because the founder loved flying.

You could see the restaurants from a long way off. In fact, they are so gaudy, you might need sunglasses to look at them. Of course, the building designs have changed and modernized, but they always kept the original orange and white theme.

They have passed 800 stores in their chain as of 2020. The chain stores are mainly spread across the bottom half of the U.S.


They use good, high quality, 100% beef patties.  You can have a lettuce leaf wrap that you can substitute for the bun.


Our Top Recommendation for a Keto Friendly Meal at What A Burger

Double hamburger patty layered with American cheese, topped with a slice of tomato and an over medium egg.


What A Burger Keto Options for Meat


Beef Patty



Low Carb Cheese Choices at What A Burger


American Cheese


What A Burger Vegetables for the Keto Dieter


Grilled vegetables






Sauce for Low Carb at What A Burger



Drinks for Keto Dieters



Unsweetened Tea


The  What A Burger Keto menu will get you through a day or two, so thumb up. Every meal can’t be a feast.


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