Keto at The Habit Burger Grill

Keto at The Habit Burger Grill


The first bite you take of their award winning Charburger, you can imagine yourself in Santa Barbara, California. The year is 1969. You are in the quaint, picturesque town on the Pacific Coast.


Great doings are afoot in the world…humans have landed on the moon, there is great upheaval in society. Yet here in this quiet town, the original Habit Burger Grill came into existence.


Two brothers partnered up and decided to offer their vision of burger perfection. With borrowed money from their mother, they started a humble little restaurant near Goleta Beach.


They wanted fresh, not just in the burgers, but even the bread. They would get fresh baked bread daily from a local bakery, and grill the buns along with the burgers.  Then use the best produce they could get their hands on, the ripest tomatoes and greenest lettuce.


After they were well known for their burgers, they added to other ocean inspired items like their fresh grilled ahi tuna sandwich.


Their intention was to make their restaurant a habit for the locals, and it worked. They now have over 250 locations, mostly in California. They were bought by Yum brands a few years ago, so there may be much bigger things in their future.


The offerings of Keto at The Habit Burger Grill are a little slim, as is normal with burger places. But, what you get is quite tasty.


The burger and the ahi tuna filet are keto approved. However, also like other restaurants, their house sauces use sugar, so be sure to ask that they are left off.


They do have large leaf lettuce to wrap your burger, if you ask.


Top Keto Friendly Dish at The Habit Burger Grill


Ahi tuna filet seasoned with salt and pepper and a side salad with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber.


The Habit Burger Grill Keto Friendly Meats


Hamburger patty

Ahi tuna filet (hold the teriyaki glaze)


Low Carb Compatible Cheese at The Habit Burger Grill


White American Cheese


Veggies for Low Carb Dieters at The Habit Burger Grill




Lettuce wraps


Portabella mushrooms




Meals That Are Keto Compatible


Caesar salad (hold the croutons)

Garden salad


Low Carb Friendly Sauce at The Habit Burger Grill


Mustard only


Beverages for the Ketogenic Diet at The Habit Burger Grill



Unsweetened Tea


Keto at The Habit Burger Grill is tasty and fun, if a little limited. But still, if you can take a mental vacation back to the beach in Santa Barbara, 1969, wouldn’t it be worth it.


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