Serious Keto Weight Loss

Serious Keto Weight Loss

Today is for people who are ready to just kill it. To drop that weight like yesterday’s news.

You have a big wedding coming up. You have bathing suit weather coming. Or maybe you are just sick of looking and feeling lousy.

Or maybe your doctor just told you that you have a health problem.

You are super motivated, and ready to do whatever it takes.

First, go get our speed keto system. It is virtually brainless for you. All you do is follow along with a daily meal plan. It has all the meals, with recipes, and even a shopping list.

Doing our system takes away all the pressure and space in your brain from figuring stuff out. That’s a lot of pressure.

Then all your energy can go into getting slim and trim.

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Second, if you want serious keto weight loss, we are going to do some serious intermittent fasting.

I didn’t say it would be magic. I just said I can help you get your weight burning system into high gear.


You do have to do some work here.


If you have serious health problems with blood sugar, always talk to your doctor first.

This is for people who are otherwise fairly healthy.

Start your overnight fasting tonight.   Eat your last meal at least 4 hours before bed. This is so your stomach will be empty when you lay down. Your quality of sleep will be much higher, and that will help immensely with your weight control.

Start by adding an hour a day between your last meal at night and your first food in the morning. Black coffee is ok, and doesn’t break the fast.

Every day move breakfast back by ½” to one hour until it becomes lunch, around noon.

This will give you an approximately 16 hour fast every day. 8 pm until noon the next day.


Get Used To It


Get used to this for a couple of days. Then, move your last meal earlier in the day. Instead of eating at 8 pm, eat at 7.

Then after a few days eat the last meal at 6.

Work the time back until you are eating at 4 pm.

Now you are eating only 2 meals per day. One at noon, and one at 4 pm. This leaves 20 hours a day when you are not eating.

The body will run out of blood sugar very fast, and start burning fat. This will super charge your change into ketosis. You might be surprised how fast you adapt and stop feeling hungry.


In our modern life, we get used to endless food, so you might think it’s “unnatural” to eat like this. This was the way many of our ancestors ate naturally.  Stuffing our faces constantly is what is really unnatural.

The body loves to rest and recuperate. If it isn’t digesting food 24/7, then it will have time to balance.out blood chemistry and weight.

So, you can have serious keto weight loss if you want it enough. Do you want it?


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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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