Keto Fasting MethodsKeto Fasting methods are Easier Than they Sound.

People get really afraid when they hear the word “Fasting”.  They think it means “Now I’m going to deny myself all pleasure, be really hungry for long periods of time, and be miserable.”

Well, no. That’s not what it means at all.

Intermittent fasting is what you already do every night. You eat your supper, then go to bed and you don’t eat again until breakfast. That’s what the word break- fast means.

All we want to do is take that time you already fast and  just nudge it a  little at a time. Add a half hour to it, then later add an hour to it, and so on.

Of course, you are welcome to jump right into it, which is great also. (But if you are older, and have blood sugar issues, always consult your doctor.)

Once you are comfortable with keto fasting methods for longer periods, then you can do pattern fasting.

All these keto fasting patterns have been around for centuries. In the East, fasting is a well known way to heal and lose weight.

The simplest pattern of fasting is to lengthen your overnight fast. Don’t eat first thing in the morning. Try to wait until 10 am, then 11 am, then noon! Suddenly, you will find you are on a 16 hour per day fast.

16 hour fast.  You eat two to three times during the time between noon and 8 pm. You don’t eat after 8 at night, or before noon. Even if you do eat something before noon, keep it as minimal as possible. Liquid is best. Even coffee with some butter, no sugar sweetener, also known as bulletproof coffee.

The next level up is the 20 hour fast. It is sometimes called the warrior diet.  You only have a four hour eating window.  So you might eat at noon and 4 pm, then nothing more until the next day.  If you have an active life, this pattern takes more planning because of events and meeting with people.

People may have to go out to dinners with clients, or meet family and friends for social events. You have to pre plan around that.

The next of the keto fasting methods  is the OMAD – one meal a day.

You simply  pick one meal and do that meal everyday.  If you want it to be lunch, fine. If you want it to be dinner, also fine. Whatever floats your boat. This diet also takes planning for work and family. It also  takes time to get used to.

OMAD is the bomb for fasting. It does so many things for the body beside weight loss. It is also an ancient fasting pattern for ultimate health.

Then there are slightly different patterns. Fast on water one day a week. It gives your body a day of rest, like a physical sabbath.

Then there is Day on, day off. Eat on Monday, not on Tuesday. Eat on Wednesday, not on Thursday. You continually alternate. This is super powerful for weight loss as long as you don’t just cram down the calories on the day you eat.

Adherence is everything for keto fasting methods to work. Try the minimum amount of fasting that gets you results. If you try to go too far too fast, there’s a good chance you’ll freak out.

Watch out for hidden calories. Don’t think you are fasting if you are drinking Coke with sugar. Think calories more than what form the food or drink takes.

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