One Calorie keto drink.  If you are doing Keto, you need to be doing water. Or to be more accurate, liquids.

It’s very hard for the body to lose weight unless it’s got enough liquids circulating. As you burn fat, the waste material has to be carried away.

If it isn’t carried away, you get sluggish and don’t feel well.

Some people just don’t like drinking water. It reminds me of W.C. Fields famous joke…”We were stranded in the wilds of Afghanistan for three day with nothing but food and WATER. We almost died of thirst” .

That’s how much he didn’t like water.

So what’s a good way to get water down?

Flavor it.  There are flavor drops you can buy that have no calories. They don’t add much nutritional value, but if they help you get the water down, then go for it.

But there is also a really healthy little trick to tell you about.

It’s… water with a squirt of lemon juice!!

Wait! That’s the big trick? Everybody knows about that.

Well, yeah, but they don’t know why and how good it is for Keto dieters.

First, it helps activate your immune system. That helps with all kinds of health topics.

This one calorie keto drink with lemon juice helps to detox the kidneys and the blood. It gives a boost to the body when it’s trying to get rid of toxins from the system.

The water helps your energy stay up, or come back if you are sluggish. It helps your hormones do their jobs so you feel calmer, less stressed, more comfortable, and generally happier.

The lemon gives the water just that little bit of flavor that allows you to drink more. And that’s what we are after.

Plus, it’s only one calorie.

It’s a strong Keto tonic, and if you will drink 8 glasses a day, you will see and feel a difference.

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