Simple Keto Fasting Diet Plan

A Keto fasting diet plan will help you get into and stay in Ketosis quicker and easier.

If you have not done Intermittent Fasting, it sounds intimidating. But don’t worry, you already do it!

Every night when you go to bed, you start your fast. Every morning when you wake up, you eat, and break your fast.  That’s why it’s called Break-Fast.

There are numerous studies about the wonderful health effects of fasting. It improves the immune system, helps with mental clarity, and many other benefits. Oh yeah, it also helps the body get into ketosis so that you start burning the fat in your body. Fat literally melts away!

When you are starting something new, like a new diet, it’s best to keep things as simple as possible.

Since you already fast every night, all we want to do is build on that.

If you eat dinner at 8, then go to bed at 11, simply move your dinner to 7. Then your body will have one more hour of rest, or fasting, each night.

After a few days, move the dinner to 6. Then try moving it to 5.

Gradually increase the time between meals. Maybe don’t try to do it all at once.

On the morning side of this, you can do the same. Maybe move your breakfast back a half hour, or an hour.

Many people end up eating their last meal around 6 pm, then not eating again until noon!  Yes, it can be done. It becomes second nature to you after a while.  If you eat and fast in this pattern, you are getting 18 hours per day of fasting!

18 hours is a really good number for the body. That is because It forces the body to start looking for fat to burn. You will be amazed at how you feel and how your mind becomes clear.

There is a saying that goes something like “Don’t be a slave to your food”.  This simple and easy way of extending your normal night time fast, helps to  break  that hold of food. It’s almost a miracle the way it works.

There are other fasting patterns we will get into later.  But this Simple Keto Fasting Diet Plan may be all you ever need.

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