Top 10 Keto Snacks At Walmart   Best Low Carb Snack Ideas, For Travel, Work, or School

Yes, I said Walmart.

In this post, you are going to find out how to get Keto and get going quick at Walmart.

Please note, these are snacks, not a way of life. They are to hold you over while traveling. I’m not making any claims for how good they are for you. I am saying they won’t knock you out of ketosis as long as you watch your portion control.

Planters Nut-trition Nut Packs: Snacking on nuts often causes portion control problems. This Planters Nut-trition Heart Healthy Mix has individually wrapped portions. This is awesome for people who can’t eat just one.  You know who you are.

Whisps Cheddar Cheese Crisps.  These are on the expensive side. Not for you if you are on a tight budget.  2 net carbs.  28 grams of fat. 20 grams protein.

P3 Protein Pack. This is a great little snack, with 3 different kinds of protein in one package. Just realize that not all of them are Keto cool. These two flavors are kosher. Turkey Ham Cheddar has <1 gr carb per package. P3 Turkey, bacon, Colby Jack cheese. also has <1 grams carb.

Quest Protein Chips.  Bar-B-que flavor.  3 net carbs per bag. It’s more money, but it tastes like the real thing, meaning potato chips. Nice smokey flavor.

Wild Bill’s Slow Smoked, Hand Crafted, original beef jerky. Each serving, 1 net carb. 1 g fat, 9 g protein. Contains soy if that’s a problem for you.  Reasonable price for jerky.  good smokey flavor.  I personally do not recommend eating soy. It can mess with your hormones. But that’s up to you.

“Pizza in a Bag” Pepperoni Jerky. From Epic Mealtime.  2 gr carbs per 28 grams. 10 gr fat, 5  gr pro.  expensive side. Very salty.

Mac’s Chicharrones. (chee-cha-rro-nes) Fried pork skins. Large bag zero carb for the whole bag!  and cheap, under $2 for a large bag. Salty, buttery, savory.

Jacklinks Beef Sticks. Each stick has 1 net carb.  each stick about a stick .  Portion control.

Now Some Serious Low Carb, Low Cal Keto Snacks

Stuffed Pimento Olives by Pearls. zero carbs .  OK price. It’s only olives, but olives are a time honored way to bring food with you on the go since ancient times. They make a great snack.

Dill Pickles, spears.  Great salty snack. about 1 carb per spear.

That’s it for now. Top 10 Keto snacks at Walmart.  Look for our other tips on what to eat when you are out of the house or traveling.

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