Keto Weight Loss Timeline

Keto Weight Loss Timeline

People want to know how fast they can lose weight on keto. Yesterday is the most popular answer to that question.

When you lose weight, it is a health issue.  If you are overweight, you will be healthier if you lose weight. That’s obvious.

But there can actually be unhealthy weight loss, if you overdo it and go too fast.


That’s where keto comes in.


It will keep your body balanced while you are losing weight.

For instance, if you lose weight by only drinking water for days, you will lose weight in the wrong places.  If you go straight into starvation, your body will grab whatever it can to use for fuel.

If your body is not already tuned to burn fat for energy, your body will burn other things….like muscles. It will even go after your BRAIN!

I know this because it happened to me once when I was sick. I could barely eat for several weeks. My muscles shrank, but the fat I had stayed right where it was. That is so depressing you can’t believe it.  Or maybe you can.


Short term quick weight loss


Assuming you aren’t diabetic, it’s ok to lose weight fast once, but not over and over.  Meaning, it’s not good to yo-yo diet where you lose weight then gain it back all the time. This is where the keto weight loss timeline comes in.

Let’s say there’s a wedding or school reunion or something where you want to lose weight fast. It’s OK to lose 10 to 30 pounds pretty quick with keto. You just eat less and add in intermittent fasting.

But if you try to lose 100 or more pounds really quick, there’s a possibility of overloading your kidneys and liver with toxins. You will also add the possibility of permanent loose skin.

If you are very overweight, losing the weight gradually gives the body time to adjust, including the skin.




The keto lifestyle. If you make keto your normal way of eating, you can go long periods of gradual weight loss without feeling like you are denying yourself.

The keto weight loss timeline then is under your control. You lose weight as you like, while feeling good and satisfied and fulfilled.

So how long it takes to lose weight on keto is totally in your control. You can turn up the speed, or slow it down. It’s an amazing system.

And it’s totally up to you.

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