Keto Mind Games

Keto Mind Games


Keto mind games.  What?  What do you mean, the mind game?   Don’t I just have to eat right and everything will work out?

If you can honestly tell me you’ve never ended up chowing down on something without realizing how you got there. Or eaten something just to “show” your ‘good’ self that you are in charge.  Then you can skip this.

But if you are what we call a normal human, you will have good days and bad days. Strong days and weak days. Strong moments, and weak moments.

Is there some simple way to give you the direction and strength to make it through the maze of temptations?

There are several. They are actually quite simple really. The problem is they are so simple, you might forget when you are faced with the doughnut of your dreams.


You Have to Make a Habit of Keto Mind Games


Habits are the worst thing and the best thing. Bad habits will kill you. But….if you can create a good habit, it can lift you and save you.

Habits are created in 40 days. So for this mind hack to work, you have to get set up to use it for 40 days straight.  Set up your environment with reminder notes, or whatever system you like.

Put reminders everywhere.


Here is The Keto Mind Hack


It has a funny name, but it’s not so hard to say.  It’s called Pratyahar.

That’s Prat, rhymes with lot, as in “I have a lot of food here”.

Second syllable is ya. Just like “I’m with ya”.

Last is ‘har’, rhymes with ‘Car’.

Prat – ya – har .

It’s an ancient technique from the far east. It works. It’s amazing. But only if you practice it.


What Is It?

When you have a negative thought, you REPLACE it with a positive thought.

Now don’t throw this out as mumbo jumbo, heard it a million times. This is very different.

This is a mechanical process. What do I mean by that?   It doesn’t depend on your feelings or what you believe.

For example. Let’s say the thought crosses your mind “I can’t control my eating”.  That statement might be completely true at that moment.


We don’t care.


First, when you have the thought, try to move yourself off to the side like a scientist, and look at that though like you are in a laboratory.  “Hmmm, my mind just put out a thought that said “I can’t control my eating. “   Don’t get upset by it. The mind is going to do that stuff. Just look at the thought like a scientist and analyze what the opposite would be.

“I am in control of my eating” .   Make your mind think that thought clearly, even if you don’t believe a word of it. It doesn’t even matter if you believe it is even possible, just make your mind think it. You can say it out loud if it helps.  Just get your mind to think that thought.


Here’s The Game


Everytime you have a negative thought, you will catch it, without emotion, look at it like a scientist, then MAKE your mind think the opposite.

Yes, MAKE, or force your mind to go through the process of thinking the positive opposite thought. It has to get used to having positive thoughts. Just like getting your body in shape by exercising. You have to do the exercise you want to get in shape for. Same with the mind.

At first it seems like a goofy thing to do. You will think things like “I’m lying to myself, I really don’t have control of my eating”.  OK, whatever, it doesn’t even matter.


But just keep doing it.


You have to set your calender. “For the next 40 days, I am playing this game.” Pratyahar. Replace every negative thought with a positive, even if you don’t believe what you are saying. . If you will do it, it will blow your mind.

Your mind will get trained in short order. Soon it will be doing it automatically. Then after a while, your mind will jump on the negative thoughts even as they are forming, and stop them from even finishing. The mind will become like a nanny and won’t allow the negative part to misbehave.


This Is The Power of Keto Mind Games


I’m telling you, this is so powerful you won’t believe it. But you have to do it, just like everything in your life. You have to take responsibility. It’s your body, your mind, your life.

You can do this. It’s not as hard as you might be making it.

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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