Keto at Steak n Shake

Keto at Steak n Shake


Keto at Steak n Shake is kind of fun. Like most burger joints, the variety is not much. But face it, when you go to a burger joint and you aren’t on keto, the choices are limited.


So, being a glass half full kind of person, I’ll look on the bright side. There is  plenty to make a meal.


Steak n Shake was our preferred hangout spot when I was in high school. That was the late 60’s. They had ordering from your car, and waiters would deliver it and hang the tray right on our door. It was like American Graffiti.


Keto at Steak n Shake’s is possible because of their claim to fame.  That their burger were made of ground up Steak. They originally used T-bone, round steak, and sirloin. The three would be ground up and mixed together. It made a hell of a delicious burger.


However, that became too expensive over the years. Now, they use high quality ground beef.


Oh my God, I shouldn’t mention it, but the milkshakes are their other calling card. Really good.  Not that we would ever….but we can use them as a model to develop a keto version. After all, heavy cream is on the keto diet!


Steak n Shake was started in 1934 by a former Marine from his gas-station, chicken shop. The original slogan was ‘In sight, it must be right’. He would bring all the ingredients into the middle of the dining area and grind the meat right in front of the patrons. People were skeptical of ground meats back then, so he was showing them right in plain sight what was in the burgers.


Today, they settle for a visible cooking area. Either way, high quality is their calling card.


Top Choice to Stay Keto at Steak N Shake


2 steakburger patties layered with American cheese topped with onion, tomato and pickle Use lettuce stacks instead of a bun.


Keto Friendly Meats at Steak n Shake


Steak burger



Low Carb Compatible Cheeses at Steak n Shake


American cheese

Swiss cheese


Keto Friendly Veggies at Steak n Shake


Garden salad






Lemon wedges


What to drink at Steak n Shake on the Ketogenic Diet



Unsweet tea


Heavy cream


In sight, it must be right!. Keto at Steak n Shake is not a problem. Go daddy go!


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