Outback Steakhouse Keto Meals

Outback Steakhouse Keto Meals


Outback Steakhouse Keto Meals are kind of hard to miss if you go there. It is a steakhouse after all. You just have to beware of their seasonings and sauces, which, like most places, have sugar or other keto no-no’s.


As usual, it’s what you have to leave out that makes the meal low carb or not.


Outback Steakhouse does a lot of fundraising in  partnership with Heineken USA to help local organizations in their communities.


They made the Bloomin’ Onion the centerpiece of their image. You can make a delicious keto version of the bloomin’ onion at home, but you’d best not indulge in their carb loaded version.


They were founded in Tampa Fl. in 1988. Their cuisine is not really Australian, other than the universal items like burgers. It’s more of an idea to make the atmosphere more fun, and to put a little adventure into a normal meal..


They have a nice selection of high quality, fresh meat options, and some  side dishes that add up to a good choice of Outback Steakhouse Keto Meals.


Our top Keto Friendly Outback Steakhouse Meal:


Pork porterhouse seasoned with salt, pepper and garlic, with some grilled asparagus on the side.


Low Carb Meat Choices at Outback Steakhouse


Steak all cuts (hold the seasoning)

Grilled shrimp on the Barbie (hold the seasoning)

Grilled tilapia (hold the seasoning)

Steakhouse Philly shaved beef

Steamed lobster tail

Bacon bourbon salmon (no smoky bourbon glaze)

Grilled chicken on the Barbie (no BBQ sauce, hold the seasoning)

Alice springs chicken (no honey mustard sauce, seasoning))

Perfectly grilled salmon (hold the seasoning)

Pork Porterhouse (hold the seasoning)

All hamburger patties


Cheese Fit For Keto Dieters

Monterey Jack cheese

White cheddar cheese

Cheddar cheese


Ketosis Compatible Vegetables at Outback Steakhouse


Broccoli (sub shredded cheese for cheese sauce)

House salad (no croutons)

Green pepper

Fresh seasonal mixed veggies


Caesar salad (no croutons, dressing)


Grilled asparagus

Blue cheese wedge salad (no sweet balsamic glaze, dressing)



Lemon slices


Seasonings That Are Low Carb

80/10/10 seasoning (salt, pepper, garlic)

Woodfire seasoning (salt, pepper)


Low Carb Sauce Options at Outback Steakhouse








Unsweetened Tea


Outback Steakhouse Keto Meals are fun and great for the imagination. If you are going out to eat anyway, why not go all the way to the Outback.

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