Is Your Bloating From Your Keto Diet?

Is Your Bloating From Your Keto Diet?

Bloating is a problem almost everyone runs into. Whether you are doing keto or not, you’ve probably had a problem with a puffy stomach.

There are so many reasons it can happen, that we aren’t going to try to get into them all.

Let’s just try to find some simple things you can try to alleviate it.


It’s not usually from constipation


As strange as it seems, it’s not usually from constipation. You can be constipated and at the same time, be slim as ever.  Constipation can make you FEEL bloated and out of sorts, but it rarely shows up.


It can be from gas. Gas will blow you up like a balloon.


But what makes you gassy?  You are going to have to experiment to find out.

Some people have particular foods, or families of foods that they have trouble digesting.

Some people actually need more protein to stay regular and clear, while others need less. Don’t be afraid to experiment with higher levels of protein if that’s what your body needs.

Your body is a complex system of genetics and environment.   There really is no ‘one size fits all’.  You start with the recommendations of the Keto diet.

Then you have to be attuned to your body to see what actually works for you in the real world.

Do you exercise a lot? Are you eating enough replacement calories. If you don’t have enough carbs, your body will be low on ATP.  You will need to adjust your carbohydrate intake until you feel right.




This is talked about a lot in keto, and for a good reason. When you ask ‘Is Your Bloating From Your Keto Diet?’ this should be at the top of the reasons.

For every gram of glycogen you lose,  3-4 grams of water drop from your system.

Salt and potassium also get washed out with the water. So have your broth with you to sip on all day, and sprinkle some salt in your water to make it an electrolyte drink.

If you are regularly constipated, you might want to add a 500 mg magnesium in the evening. Magnesium relaxes you and helps with regularity.

Some people need more fiber, and some people don’t do well with a lot of fiber. You might do well with fiber from seeds like sunflower, while others don’t.  You have to keep track of what you eat, and figure out what is working for you.


Sugar Substitutes


The sugar substitutes that are sugar alcohol based with create lots of gas. We don’t recommend those. They include sorbitol, maltitol, maltodextrin. Gas can definitely bloat you.


FODMAP intolerance


FODMAPs are the carbohydrates in plants. Usually, the bacteria in our gut can handle them and digest them.  If you have huge amounts of gas after certain vegetables, you may not be able to handle them.

Keep a food diary and it will help you figure out what is working and what isn’t. These things will also change over time as your diet changes your body makeup, and your gut bacteria.

Is Your Bloating From Your Keto Diet? Not really. It’s usually from some part of the diet and your body’s ability to digest certain foods in the diet.

You can adjust your diet to fit you, if you pay attention how each food is affecting you.

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