Frequent Meals and Bloating

There is a popular misconception going around about how often to eat.  The theory is that if you eat small amounts, more often, you will consume fewer calories in the long run.

This thinking doesn’t really hold up if you break it down.

Everytime you eat, your insulin levels go up to handle the new food.

The insulin in the blood brings the sugar levels in the blood down. When the blood sugar level goes below a certain point, your body thinks it needs MORE food, not less.

The low blood sugar is telling your body it needs to find food fast!   It makes you want more food, sooner.

Frequent Eating Myths

If you think about it, you know this from your own experience.  Chinese food is the most famous for this, but it happens with other foods also.

You have a meal, but then you feel gnawing hunger only a half an hour or an hour later or so. In your mind, you know you shouldn’t be hungry. Because you know you just ate. In your mind, you know your stomach is full, but you are seriously hungry.

It seems like one of life’s mysteries, but not really.

It is your hormones in action. Insulin is a hormone. Like all your hormones, it has to be in balance, and functioning properly for you to feel “right”.

In this case feeling “right” means to eat a meal, feel satisfied and whole. It doesn’t feel like your body is “missing” something. You don’t feel a desire to eat more than you need.

You don’t need to go searching through the fridge for that elusive  “something” that will satisfy you.

A Better Way

A much better idea is to eat proper meals with lots of hours between them. An even better idea is to eat more of your daily calories in even fewer meals. Two meals, or even one meal a day  is really best.

But you can work up to that. For now, just try to get what you need in fewer meals so you don’t continually spike your insulin and cause false hunger.

And this is exactly why Keto is so amazing and great. It gets the body’s own signals to work properly. It can really turn off, or at least turn way down that craving monster that makes you constantly look for satisfaction.

Frequent meals? No thanks

Eating a lot of little meals will do the opposite of what we want. We want fewer meals that make us feel completely satisfied and whole.

That starts with “what” you eat, not how much you eat.

By giving your body the right proportions of protein, healthy fats, and a little bit of carbohydrates, it will be very happy. It will be calm. It will stop bugging you all day and night to find something, anything that will satisfy your hunger.

That goes a long way toward what some call happiness. Frequent meals won't help you get there…sorry.

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Have a Happy, Healthy Day


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