Is keto hard to do?

I’ll give the wise guy answer first. Compared to what?

Compared to years of not being able to fit in your clothes, do favorite activities, be present in your family and friends lives?  Compared to years under medical care, and not feeling good. Or even worse, dying too soon from preventable health problems?

Is keto hard to do compared to other diets?  Not that I know of.


Diets are one of the hardest things we do as humans.

There’s many a diet out there that makes you deny yourself. They depend on pure willpower as your hunger gnaws away at you.

And after going through all that denial and stress, you may barely lose any weight. Then worst of all, the weight comes back immediately!


I know you’ve been there, just like all of us.


Keto is actually the only diet I know of that tells you “Eat fat until you feel satisfied!”  What kind of crazy diet says something like that?

Well, the kind of diet that has a much higher chance of getting results.

There are parts of keto that are more complicated than other diets. This could translate into “being hard” in your mind.

You do have to calculate your macros. That means figure out how much protein, fat, and carbs you eat, in relation to each other.


It looks a lot like math to some people.


But it’s the kind of thing that you get good at pretty fast, if you practice it. When you start anything new, there is a learning curve.

Same with keto. At first, you look up each food to see what macros it contains. Then, after doing that a few times, you will know each food. You won’t have to look it up. It becomes second nature.

Of course, the REALLY easy way to do keto is to get a ‘Done For You’ plan, that lays out exactly what to eat, recipes to make it, and even a shopping list. Brain free keto.

You can check it out the best, fastest working plan here:


Is keto hard to do with a done for you plan? It makes it much easier.


I won’t say easy, because you still have to change the way you eat, shop, and think about food. It takes effort, and there will be challenges as your body changes.

But if you keep drinking lots of fluids with electrolytes, you can skip over almost all the unpleasant parts of keto you may have heard about….keto flu, headaches, that sort of thing. Stay hydrated and you might just sail through the hard parts.

When your waistline starts shrinking, and your weight starts dropping like magic, you’ll forget you ever even asked the question “Is keto hard to do?”

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Act! Don’t React!

Have a Happy, Healthy Day




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