Keto Diet Weekly Meal Prep

Keto Diet Weekly Meal Prep  Jan 1

Some of the most successful keto dieters use a simple method to help them.

It’s called planning ahead.

Keto is not like other diets. It requires very specific ingredients in certain proportions. You really need to have a supportive environment filled with the foods you need. Also, you will do better if you remove the wrong things from your environment.

The minimum you should do is have the right foods in the house.

The maximum you can do is to make all your food ahead of time. That is the gold standard.

Imagine every time you want to eat, all you have to do is go to the fridge and grab a dish. Put it in the nuke and you are ready to go.

OK, the dishes in the fridge don’t make themselves, but here’s the most efficient way to pull this off. Have a keto diet weekly meal prep plan.


You have to sit down and plan ahead for the week.


Then you have to go shopping for the week.

Then you have to set aside some time to make the food for the week. Most people do it over a weekend. A Sunday afternoon, with the whole family involved is good. Some people do it on Saturday morning.

That’s up to you of course. But here is where the word ‘efficiency’ comes in.

If you make all the food at once, it may seem like it’s a lot of work. But it’s always less work to do mass production. You’ve got all the dishes, pots and pans dirty. You might as well do that only once a week.


Then each meal becomes a joy instead of a huge mental barrier.


Just imagine: You are sitting on a Wednesday evening. You are tired and worn out from a long day.

Do you want to start planning, and then figuring out the recipes, then making  the food while you are completely tired?  I wouldn’t.

Wouldn’t it be much nicer to just walk over to the fridge, grab something and you are eating. Then have a keto diet weekly meal prep plan.


It’s Not Too Much, It’s Actually Easier


If you are thinking that the idea of planning a weeks worth of meals is too much for you, I can help.

We have a 28 keto plan that not only tells you what to eat, but has the recipes and even the shopping list.  You can put your mind on vacation and just follow along.

Yes, it costs a few bucks, but how much is your time and health worth.

You can see our plan at

You can also see the stories of the thousands of people who have had weight loss victories after years of trying and failing.

The plan takes away all the mental pain and anguish of wondering if you are doing it right.

Put your brain in neutral, and coast along with all the figuring and planning already done for you.

Substitutions are welcome and included.


Make today the day you start your new journey and new success. Check it out at

A keto diet weekly meal prep plan makes your whole life easier.


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